The Autism Railroad is a group of people dedicated to helping those with autism to become more connected to others. As you probably already know, one of the most prominent effects of autism is having a hard time connecting with peers on a social basis, and helping to resolve this issue is our main focus. Our goal is to help autistic children to connect to people through the help of a favorite pastime, model trains!

We first came upon this idea after spending days at a local model train store, Legacy Station. While we were there, we noticed that all the children's' faces lit up as soon as they saw the trains puffing around the track. After seeing this, we opened a booth at the next train show that came to town, advertising ourselves as a booth for Autistic children to come and have a fun time. The results astounded us, child after child came to the booth, always with a smile on their faces.

After the week was over, we all decided that just having a show everyone once in a while wasn't enough, and started this site in order to help in anyway we can. In navigating the site, you'll find our train that is traveling the world through drawings, similar to Flat Stanley, and various other activites for you to do.

But now, we've talked enough. Please enjoy the site and give us any feedback you would like, good or bad.


The Autism Railroad